Yana Yacumama by Pablo Amaringo – Fine Art Archival Prints


Yana Yacumama

This is the black anaconda, an intrepid boa which attacks anything that threatens it. It is madre of the enchanted cocha brava seen here and makes people afraid to hunt or fish in the area; for this reason all kinds of animals thrive in a cocha brava. The oil of the yana yacumama is highly valued as it is so fine that if held in the hand it will drip right through and round your hand! It opens padlocks so efficiently that even burglars use it for house breaking. If you rub its oil on your body when there is a full moon you will be a very good shot. Otherwise it will cure rheumatism and withered limbs but the oil should be heated first in a water bath.


Illustrating the evolution of his intricate and colorful art, this book contains 48 full-color reproductions of Amaringo’s latest works with detailed explorations of the rich Amazonian mythology underlying each painting. Through their longstanding relationship with Amaringo, coauthors Charing and Cloudsley are able to share the personal stories behind his visions and experiences with Amazonian people and folklore, capturing Amaringo’s powerful ecological and spiritual message through his art and words.

With contributions by Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Robert Venosa, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Beyer, and Jan Kounen, this book brings the ayahuasca experience to life as we travel on Amaringo’s visionary brush and palette.

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