THE SHAMAN’S PATH – The Way of Inner Wisdom

Non-Residential Introductory Weekend – Bucharest

March 2nd – 3rd 2024

In our lives, we all have questions, problems, and challenges. This being the human condition, and in this we seek direction, insights, and an understanding how these circumstances have appeared in our everyday world. This is how the divination practices of shamanism can play a beneficial role by revealing that which is hidden, easing anxiety, and helping us come to terms with challenging circumstances that may demand the implementation of difficult decisions. The essential nature of divination practices, is not that they tell you your future or fortune; their purpose is to help you come into contact with your Higher Self, a level of your consciousness connected to the divine source.

One of the most important roles of the shaman has been to seek revelatory knowledge from visionary or spiritual sources. Divination is as old as humanity, but unfortunately in mainstream Western society it has been regarded as something primitive, irrational, and pandering to superstition. Divination is simply a way of revealing the truth. The Art of Divination reveals or uncovers hidden truths about your life.

In divination, the role of the shaman is to act as a mediator or ‘middle-man’. The shaman by exploring and providing the initial reading and interpretation allows the seeker of this information to avoid projecting personal wants, desires, and wishes if the question or situation is emotionally charged.

Divination is a way to a deeper understanding of events and influences surrounding a situation or a person. Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to explore and engage with divination practices, and learn as shamans have through the ages to seek and receive revelatory knowledge from visionary sources both for others as for oneself.

During this workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore and work with divinatory methods such as;

  • Divination with natural objects
  • To discover and develop personal power
  • Attain connection to your higher order consciousness that can provide insight and understanding to the quest
  • The classic Shamanic Journey
  • Shamanic Trance Postures

Through consciousness raising practices such as shamanic drumming and rattling to enhance the visionary experience, participants will also learn to develop and trust their inner wisdom. At times the answer is not immediately understood as it is not always addressed to the logical rational mind. On this workshop participants will be able to incubate, play, draw or paint their divinatory vision to bypass the rational mind, and this will often lead to a deep and profound revelation. On this workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore the important and meaningful questions in their lives to gain insight and knowledge about them. This workshop is also suitable for those who have had no previous experience with shamanism.

Participants should bring to this workshop;

  • Note book or drawing book and pen.
  • Coloured pencils or paints.
  • Two rocks with a rough surface or facets. The rock should be sized so it can be held comfortably in one hand.

Workshop Cost: Euro 250 – Euro 100 deposit to confirm your place.

For details and booking contact Aurel Mocanu, 0722 539123,