The Embrace of the Earth Ceremony

Postponed until 2018

“Life is not a problem to be solved, nor a question to be answered. Life is a mystery to be experienced.” Alan Watts



A Soul Warrior is any man or woman who has come to the realisation that the conflict between heart and mind, between happiness and misery – is within them. They do not project their inner turmoil into the outer world or onto others. They know that it is from their own dreams, conscious or unconscious beliefs – that their world ‘out there’ is created.

In our culture many of us have heartfelt longing for authentic wisdom and a sense of belonging to something more, something richer than the empty and unchallenging lives we are offered. And yet, true knowledge and personal power can never come from the pages of a book or someone else’s account of their adventure. It can only come from our own experience, from discovering who we are, what we want from our lives, and how we are going to live. This course offers you that opportunity.

The Final Rite of Passage


In our culture, death is an event regarded as dark, mysterious, and fearful. Although this significant event comes to each and everyone, it is something we avoid giving it attention. Ancient cultures did not regard death as an enemy, but dared to make it an ally.

It is ultimately about daring to live fearlessly from the centre of one’s truth, to challenge and defeat the tendency to inertia, fear of life and premature old age. In the words of the Peruvian shaman Don Eduardo Calderon, “a shaman is someone who is already dead and thus has no fear of death or life”.

We live with the ultimate certainty of our death; would knowledge of our death teach us how to transform our life in the present? What if … we could transport or extend our consciousness to the point of our death? What would we learn from this the greatest of mysteries? Is it possible that this revelation has the potential to transform our life?

If we embraced the notion of our death as an advisor we would gain a transcendent insight with transformational potential. The revelatory knowledge of how we will die, and the circumstances surrounding our death provide us the wisdom and power to change the pattern and unfolding of our life if our death is not auspicious. Awareness of our death empowers us to change our life. This is the mystery that we will explore during this workshop, it is not gnosis or knowledge; it is epignosis, literally ‘above knowledge’ it is the wisdom gained from direct encounter with the mystery.

The Embrace of the Earth Ceremony

In many shamanic traditions there comes a point on the path to true understanding when the seeker must die to their old Self so that something new, more powerful, life-affirming, enriching and beautiful can be born. This action of embracing the death of the old is a gesture of healing for ourselves but also for the world as a whole – because every time a single person changes and a single soul is infused with love, the world as a whole is changed.

Burial in the Earth is a sacred ceremony for letting go of the past and accepting the healing and blessings of our first mother – the Earth – which has been at the heart of shamanic tradition for thousands of years. It is a celebration of life, an acknowledgement of a new future, and an opening of our arms to a loving mother who wants only to embrace us.

The burial of the Soul Warrior is, in some ways, an extremely potent Vision Quest which will help you to focus on and resolve your problems and find greater clarity in your life, as well as allowing yourself the gift of healing and letting go of the past. Together and alone at one and the same time, we stand before the Infinite, held by our planet, knowing what it is to be human, reborn again.

During this weekend we explore ourselves and our need for healing, and directly experience the loving energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth). During the ceremony of the Shamanic Burial participants experience a profound expansion of consciousness as they enter into her joyous embrace and commune in a most direct, personal and intimate way with the sublime power of nature. In this way participants can directly experience and align themselves with the sacred geometric energy of the Earth. The ceremony ends with a powerful ritual of blessing for your new beginning.

This adventure into initiation is open to all Men and Women over the age of 18 who are ready to step into the mystery and face the challenge of growth. There is a physical element to this work but it is within the capability of anyone of reasonable fitness to undertake it.

At the end of the course you will have greater insight into your true motivations, the nature of ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’, and the tools to make powerful and positive life changes for more authentic and effective living. By taking part, you also undertake an initiation into being and connect with your primal source of freedom.

Cost of this Residential Workshop is 225 Euros.

Booking Deposit: 50 euros

There is a range of lodging options available. Please ask for info when booking.


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