1st – 5th September 2023

Residential Workshop

This act of an artist, the sole thing an artist must do, is actually an act of magic. Make something tangible in the world that previously only existed as an intangible idea. Terence McKenna

“For nature, as we know, is at once without and within us. Art is the mirror at the interface” said Joseph Campbell. This is the Way of the Shaman: visionary, creative spirit, walker between worlds, who draws down the genius and muse of the universe, manifesting spirit into matter and the dream of a more vital way of living on Earth, and in doing so, re-establishes us in our own deep truth, which is one with that of all creation.

The shaman is not just an artist in the traditional sense of musician, dramatist, painter, ritualist, singer, ceremonialist (though he or she may be all of those things). The shaman is in touch with the creative energies of the entire universe. His life is a work of art as he touches the infinite and shapes and forms its powers into a new way of being for all of humanity. This is expressed not just in ‘art forms’, but in the living art of his life. Both the shaman and the artist through inspiration and the visionary state of consciousness are both able to access and communicate concepts from beyond everyday perceptions and manifest their personal creative vision into the world, thus enriching theirs and the lives of others.

This workshop is suitable for people who work in a creative field and are looking for new ways of inspiration and expression – and for participants who regard themselves as completely uncreative! It is also suitable for writers, artists, dancers, poets, and others who feel themselves ‘blocked’ in some way. Such blockages can show us where we are out of flow with the universe and need to heal our lives or find new inspiration for growth.

You will be introduced to six specific Empowerments designed to release your conscious and unconscious beliefs and obstacles to creativity and to enable you to manifest the universal creative energy in all aspects of your life. These Empowerments will open you to your inner perception to help you to liberate your creative power and vision so allowing the primordial energy of the creative universe to find expression through you.

This is not a workshop to learn ‘how to be creative’, the notion that we have to learn creativity is a disempowering misnomer. By our intrinsic nature we are all creative. Creativity is the essence of the human experience, but for many of us, due to the vicissitudes of life, our education, and the institutional homogenising culture our creative energy has been stifled and has generated an artificial boundary between our authentic-self and our creative source.

In addition to the Six Empowerments, you will be working with the vibrational energies of Sacred Sound; the Gong, Sami Drum and Tibetan Singing Bowls. These vibrations will bath you in the harmonic resonance of sacred geometric sound patterns thereby supporting your alignment into the primordial source of creativity and spiritual awareness of your being.

Baños florales: Floral baths form part of the traditional practice of vegetalistas and curanderos. Floral baths are taken for a variety of reasons, including attracting good fortune and ceremonial cleansing. For this workshop we draw in the powers of the plant consciousness to awaken and revitalise our creative spirit.

At the end of this course, you will have greater insight into yourself, your life purpose, and your own genius or muse – the spirit who walks beside you to ensure that your purpose is met and you make use of your natural talents, skills, and passions.

Absolutely no ‘artistic ability’ is required or expected. Just bring yourself, and any materials that you wish to work with and your desire to be all that you can be in life!

The Cost of this innovative residential workshop is 450 Euros

Booking Deposit: 100 Euros

There is a range of lodging options available. Please ask for info when booking.

For details and booking contact Aurel Mocanu, 0722 539123,


I’ve been working for 9 years in creative industries and by the time I participated in this workshop I never understood what creativity really means and never knew where to look for my own. Even though my job supposedly meant to be creative every day I never knew what it means to put creative energy in the things you do until I was part of this workshop. I painted for the first time, I sang, I read in stones, I traveled with the help of my imagination to places I never visited before and all these things I keep doing them whenever I connect to my creative energy. And maybe the most important thing I understood it’s that this energy resides in each of us, it comes from within every time we set our intention and it helps us shape our lives being true to ourselves. Today I work on building my own business, my path and my passions are much more clear to me, I dance expressing my emotions and I create my life as I want to live it. They have been the 5 best days of last summer, spent in a beautiful location in the mountains with an extremely welcoming host and delicious food. I thank Howard for the empowerments, support and guidance during the workshop and for the fact that his work with us helped me change my life.

A.C. Bucharest

I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to write feedback for this workshop. So far, I started writing almost 5 paragraphs. Maybe because, sincerely my life can be splited in: before and after this workshop.

So I will talk about its effects.

I was never an artistic creature. I graduated Construction Engineering and I grew up knowing that I am not talented in any way.

Now I draw mandalas, I paint stones, I dance, I write, I sing.

Each empowerment that I received helped me bring back a huge quantity of vital energy, energy that was blocked in beliefs like „I am not creative” or „I have nothing to say”.

Here’s the proof

D.A. Bucharest