The Sacred Path of Eco-consciousness – Healing our Culture of Discontent

The Sacred Path of Eco-consciousness – Healing our Culture of Discontent By Alice Iida

Ayahuasca Inspired Cover Art by Howard G CharingTantalized by how an experience in the Amazonian rainforest relieved and positively transformed years of struggle with anxiety and depression, Alice became interested in discovering what brought her such healing in the jungle. She embarked on a journey to Peru and Ecuador and discovered that in a world where material possessions and accomplishments are the prime expression of a person’s identity and source of happiness, a growing emptiness is taking over the world. This void is driving us to consumption, addiction, stress, and disease.

Take a journey from the Big Bang into the deep forests of the Peruvian Amazon, and ask yourself how we got here, where we are, and what’s possible for our future. Embrace the ecological crisis that is unfolding, and commit to doing the inner work required to nourish our planet, and our souls. The Sacred Path of Eco-consciousness is a book that sews together the world’s ancient wisdom traditions, to bring healing to our discontented modern culture.

*A nominee in the non-fiction (Green/Environment) category of the Global Ebook Awards.

Cover Art by Howard G Charing






About the author:
alice lidaAlice Iida MIA, HCCH is a holistic coach, educator, and writer. With more than fifteen years of experience in non-profit activism, international development, training, and education, she believes this is a critical time for us to make drastic economic, ecological, and social paradigm shifts. She is currently participating in the Game Changer Intensive, a global citizen leadership training. Her next literary project is a series of children’s books based on the theme of eco-consciousness. Alice has a Master of International Affairs in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University, and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.