The Pre-Birth Journey Workshop


20th – 22nd March 2020 – Bucharest

8th – 10th May 2020 – Cluj

The way we use our energy is not a product of chance or choice, but of our personal history. When we believe we make choices, we only set in motion thoughts and actions that have been programmed into us by our past.

Carlos Casteneda

The Pre-Birth Matrix developed by John-Richard Turner is a unique self realisation system that takes you back in time to discover and become aware of the source of the fundamental patterns that you experience in your life.

In this journey back in time, you can safely and gently allow yourself to journey back to the moment of your conception, and then to move forward on an amazing voyage of discovery that will give you deep insights into the emotional blueprints that shape your life, leading to understanding, change and transformation.

This two day intensive workshop is a gentle, non-confrontational, non-hypnotic, transpersonal method to discover through the Pre-Birth Matrix that not only do we inherit the biological genetic coding of our parents, but also their mental and emotional states during the nine months prior to our birth. This can provide you with the key to the underlying and unconscious beliefs in all areas of our lives, our relationships, interactions with others, and an understanding of our pervasive and at times inexplicable inner feelings.

Empowered with this knowledge, there is the potential for a profound transformation and personal revelation. It is transpersonal in that it is capable of thoroughly changing an individual’s thought structure and integrative in that it provides a process to transmute negative, diminishing or de-energizing patterns into qualities that enhance your well-being and life.

Reality is whatever you subjectively believe is happening, not whatever therapy or society says. When your reality is in truth you experience health, wellness, wholeness, happiness, and joy.

This is an enjoyable, humorous, and powerful personal transformational process. This is a workshop that can;

  • Transform the quality of your life, and let you understand precisely your purpose in this life.
  • Lets you discover the fundamental cause of dissatisfaction and unhappiness and show you how to release it.
  • Release blocks that prevent you having committed intimate and meaningful relationships.
  • Eliminate fears, phobias and panic attacks.
  • Show you a powerful technique for building self-confidence, and self esteem.
  • Put you back as the creator of your life path, instead of your life being shaped by inherited or cultural limitations.

The ultimate purpose of this body of practices is freedom. Freedom has powerful implications. Among these is that people must purposely seek and embrace change. It is no easy task to embrace change and thereby unlock the rigid structures which we have inherited, but we have innate magical qualities within ourselves to help us on the path to freedom.

Howard has worked closely and trained extensively with John-Richard Turner and is qualified to practice and teach the Pre-Birth and Past-Life systems of self-realisation established by John-Richard Turner. Howard presents this work in a unique synthesis of shamanism and psychotherapy.


Workshop Cost: Euro 250


For details and booking contact Aurel Mocanu, 0722 539123,