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Ayahuasca Visions: Concentración Palistica by Pablo Amaringo

Concentración Palistica by Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasqueros gain their knowledge from visions whereas paleros, who diet with the roots, barks and branches of certain trees, obtain their knowledge through dreams. The two trees you see in upper part of the painting guard the door through which he…

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Caspi Maman (Mother of the Trees) by Pablo Amaringo

Caspi Maman – Mother of the Trees. When you go into the selva, you will see the immense Caspi Maman looking at you. She has created this magnificent green temple in which you find yourself and she will show you that the selva consists of…

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Ayari Warmi: (The Elegant Garment of a Woman) by Pablo Amaringo

Ayari Warmi  (The Elegant Garment of a Woman) by Pablo Amaringo The picture reveals the eternal mystery of the feminine. When a woman works with the spirit of ayahuasca and other plants, her radiant spiritual purity appears in the vision embellished and garlanded with beautiful…

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Ceremonial Chants, Music and Ayahuasca Icaros | Shamans of Peru CD

Shamans of Peru – MP3 Download from the Web The beautiful, plaintive music of Peruvian shamans was recorded at ceremonies in the Andean mountains and the Amazon rainforest. The chants and icaros have an organic relationship to the medicine plants, and are primarily intended as…

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