Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path known to humanity and although we live in a different kind of society than our ancestors, it is in our roots, within our consciousness and the ancient ways can show us a way to bring meaning, purpose and an alignment within ourselves to the natural world to our place in the mutually dependent web of life.

The revival in the West of shamanism since the 1960’s embodies an approach of reflecting the ways and understanding of the ancient and indigenous cultures. This movement towards self-development and spiritual awareness, and potentially a more community oriented way of living represents a step forward for these cultures which have been the most predatory towards others and towards the earth in the recent past centuries.

Shamanism ‘good medicine’ is like tapping into a vast fund of ancient timeless knowledge which can be practiced anywhere under any conditions. It is about helping us humans to heal the effects of past traumas, to live in an inner state of balance and harmony while dealing with the challenges and vicissitudes of life, to develop the best in ourselves no matter what comes our way, and it is about the quality of how we relate to each other and to the earth. All this is as important now as it ever has been or will be.