Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval Practitioners Training Romania Advanced Workshop


September 27th – October 2nd 2018

Module 2: The Pre-Birth Journey

The Level of Energy of all beings depends on three fundamental factors;

  • The amount of energy with which they were conceived,
  • The manner in which the energy has been utilised since birth,
  • And the way in which it is being used at the present time.

Carlos Castaneda


The Pre-Birth Matrix developed by John-Richard Turner is a unique self realisation system that takes you back in time to discover and become aware of the source of the fundamental patterns that you experience in your life.

In this journey back in time, you can safely and gently allow yourself to journey back to the moment of your conception, and then to move forward on an amazing voyage of discovery that will give you deep insights into the emotional blueprints that shape your life, leading to understanding, change and transformation.

There is a teaching that 80% of our energy is locked into habit, rigid patterns from generational, social conditioning and our personal history. The remaining 20% constitutes our true free will. The great teaching of the Medicine Wheel is to light a path to guide us towards release of these rigid habit patterns and addictions which, when unlocked, generates a reservoir of energy which can be used cognitively and with conscious intent. This is true free will and freedom – no longer living parental and cultural dreams but truly living our own.

The ultimate purpose of this body of practices is freedom. Freedom has powerful implications. Among these is that people must purposely seek and embrace change. It is no easy task to embrace change and thereby unlock the rigid structures which we have inherited, but we have innate magical qualities within ourselves to help us on the path to freedom.

Participants will learn and experience their individual pre-birth journey, and gain a deep understanding how this journey has shaped and formed their lives. Participants will also learn how to conduct a session with clients using these practices.

Shamanic Trance Postures

The Trance Postures are a gateway to another reality, the reality that up to now is only experienced in myth and in the dreamworld. During this training programme participants will enter into that place of personal vision, and experience manifestations of some of the most ancient myths of both Western and non-Western traditions. These Trance Postures will enable you to participate in the sacred lifeways of the ancient shamans and sages. This body of practices is based on the work of Felicitas Goodman, whom Howard trained with in the 1990s.

Course participants will receive training in various Healing postures. These can be used for oneself and for others.

Altered States of Awareness

Shamanic healing is not only about techniques and methods per se. An intrinsic element of this is the ability of the healer to quieten the active rational mind, and move with volition into an expanded state of consciousness. From this place a communion with the Higher Order Consciousness of Spirit can be entered into. The teachings say that all we are (and everything else by extension) are fields of energy, and it is only our senses that give us the illusion of the physical world. If we understand that what we perceive as physical reality is but the description of our physical senses, then there is great potential to move beyond the description and into the sacred.

The programme will include significant work with altered states of awareness and perception. We will be working with techniques and practices such as gazing; ‘seeing without eyes’; stalking; walks of attention to help us to become awake to our innate potential of heightened states of awareness, and an insight into the ‘other’ to bridge from the everyday to the spirit world (in modern terms called the ‘unconscious’), and back again.

Healer’s ‘Mesa’

During this week, we will be working with ways and means using natural objects to create and develop your healing ‘mesa’. The mesa which means in Spanish ‘table’ and ‘high place’ is created by traditional shamans to bring balance and harmony to their client. The mesa is a representation of the cosmos with both positive and negative aspects both coming together to bring balance. The mesa is a way of making sacred time and space in order to focus the entire being towards a desired outcome in conjunction with spiritual powers. In a sense one could say it is three dimensional affirmation! By enactment of prayers and statements of intention in a state of high focus, one can influence the unfolding of ‘reality’.

Who should attend

This training course would benefit holistic practitioners who wish to develop and expand their work to include classic shamanic healing practices. It is also suitable for those who have a desire to work as a shamanic practitioner to help others.