Shamanic Healing Practitioners Advanced Training – Module 3

November 1st – 5th 2024

Please Note: Completion of Module 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for this training course.


I have had to dig deep into my experiences in working for over 35 years as a shamanic healing practitioner for this module, and from these experiences and subsequent insights I have formulated a cohesive experiential teaching structure which I’m now presenting in Romania. Over these years I have had to deal with aspects of what we call the ‘darker’ side of reality. Now whether we wish to acknowledge, or even resist this by ignoring it and instead focus on ‘love and light’, it does influence us, on both a collective and an individual level. Avoidance or ignorance offers no defence, in this milieu an inner awareness is the key.

The polarisation in our culture and outlook on life which we are experiencing at this time is part of this. This polarisation is in part generated by a rise for many people in higher order of consciousness, and this creates a perfect opposition. The opposition manifests in the world around us as racism, religious intolerance, extreme nationalism, destruction of the natural world, ecological damage, ignorance, violence, and abuse, all of these being aspects of a lower consciousness. This volatile and combustible mixture affect us all in different ways, and we need to be aware of this and avoid being sucked into a downward spiral. Some of the ways this can impact us is in feeling unsettled, tetchy, being persistently listless, feeling an underlying anger, and being susceptible to low level infections as our vitality and immune system is affected by this negative energy. Feeling depressed, increased anxiety, addictions to food and alcohol, are all a part of this. Yes, it is a messy situation for sure, however I am not in any way suggesting this is all doom and gloom, I see this as a natural manifestation of this low order energy rising for release. Yes, it’s a raw, even a painful process as all deep healing is, however it is incumbent upon us to do what we can to keep our personal energetic integrity whole and vital, not only for ourselves but for people around us. We have to start with the self.

On this advanced workshop, we will look into our respective inner worlds, and identify what is within us that resonates with this volatile and negative field of energy. I call this our ‘inner-brujeria’. In my experience this (so within, so without) lies at the very root of our entanglement with this ‘outer field of dissonance’. This workshop without a doubt will both challenge and push you to confront the wounded aspects of self in order for these to be healed, however the results from this Act of Power, or Warrior Endeavour will benefit you and by extension others.

On this course we will work intensively with the following practices and empowerments;

  • Psychic Protection
  • Personal shielding
  • Grounding and strengthening your energy
  • Whirlpool release of unwanted and inappropriate energy
  • Identifying dysfunctional cords and attachments to people
  • Dealing with entities and entity attachments
  • Possession / Spirit shadows
  • Advanced working with the consciousness of minerals and plants
  • Working with people diagnosed with mental health problems
  • Meeting your Spirit Guides and learning how to cooperate with them and become a channel for this divine energy.
  • Maintaining a ‘hygienic’ energy environment
  • Clearing energy obstacles empowerment
  • Scanning the a person’s energy field for health and other problems
  • Shaman’s Mesa (a dynamic altar) with Sacred Geometry continued
  • The Wounded Healer
  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • The Second Law of Opposition

Bring with a living plant that you like, a mineral, rock, or crystal. Plus art and craft materials, drum or rattle.