PlantTeachers – Retreat to the Amazon – November 21st – 30th


Come to Peru!


~In the Spirit & Practice of Amazonian Shamanism~   November 21 – 30, 2011

Nine Nights of Healing ~ Ten Days of Transformation


Opportunity for Five Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Customized Plant Diet, Work with Shipibo Shaman Ricardo Amaringo, Conscious Path Creation with Sita



I am pleased and honored to invite you to join me as I guide a small group of seekers in the Peruvian Amazon for retreat and dieta.

We will work in the traditional ways of the Shipibo, dieting and participating in ritual ceremonies in the beautiful jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru.

You will be able to participate in up to five ceremonies and to travel with us on an optional extension trip to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, in the deep primary forest for an additional ceremony. Together we will explore our outer and inner worlds, challenge our consciousness, share our individual and collective experience, engage in spirited dialogues, listen to lectures, traditional indigenous chants “icaros,” experience transformational process with the Conscious Path and ayahuasca ceremonies in the sensuous, vibrating rainforest of Amazonian Peru.

We will be working with Master Curandero Ricardo Amaringo, Maestra Curandera Olivia Arevalo, Dr. Joe Tafur and Sitaramaya.  Activities include, Ayahuasca experiences, mind, body, heart and soul healing, dieta, art, relaxation, use and sharing of knowledge in medical plants, private Conscious Path consultations, private consultations with the Shamans and a local excursions.

Retreat to the Amazon will be an experience where we will create a community for ten days. Not only will we practice the dieta and explore the teachings, use and practices of Ayahuasca and Master Teacher Plants, but we will learn more about non-ordinary states, shamanic practices from around the world and deep ecology. During our time together, we will live together at the retreat center.

Retreat to the Amazon is designed for healing, repose, diet, reflection and inspiration. We seek to teach, inspire, facilitate healing, foster awareness of expanded consciousness and deep ecology, develop new friendships and connect with old friends. For those interested, we will continue on to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve for three more days where we will participate in one more Ayahuasca Ceremony, deep in the primary forest.

I hope to see you there.

– Sita

In gratitude for the opportunity to steward the sharing of this sacred plant medicine,

~more peace, more joy, more love~