Escenas Del Paraiso – Scenes of Paradise

‘El Dominical’ review of the art exhibition ‘Amazonica’, at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru.This would be of interest to students taking online college art classes.

A crude translation of the feature;

Forty Amazon artists from different generations, trends and styles come together in a charity show at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma de Miraflore. The objective is to obtain funding to develop cultural programs for children in our forest.
The Amazon is a woman, “says the artist Gino Ceccarelli.” And a woman is the most beautiful display of creation “. That’s why his paintings are always women who are merged with nature, relating to the many stories he heard as a child about the mythical goddesses, counted wise river towns, who met at sunset to watch the death of the sun between infinite forest. draws on ancient wisdom of founding myths of ancient explanations of the world, but also more contemporary material flows. This communion is rooted in the Amazonian wealth of art today. There are pictures to prove themselves by Gino Ceccarelli (Italian father and mother Amazon), based on myths and legends, or the whole aesthetic of pop and kitsch Christian Bendayán or visual strength of Harry Chavez.
A powerful art

The discovery of the Amazon by Lima has revealed, among other things, a powerful art that draws on ancient wisdom of founding myths of ancient explanations of the world,

Several generations

This exhibition, called “Amazonica”, brings together forty artists Amazon, from the masters of the sixties and seventies to young exponents of the latest generations. They can be works of the great painter Pablo Amaringo shaman of the pioneers of integral art of the Amazon as Cesar Calvo de Araujo and Eduardo Meza Saravia, young and talented artist like Rember uitoto Yahuarcani and Roldan Pinedo Lopez, a native of the district Yarina Cocha, who developed techniques of the Shipibo-naturals Conibos.
The presence of the nature

According to the artist Gino Ceccarelli, who has supported in the conservatorship of the sample, if a large communicating vessel uniting all artists Amazon, this would be the natural landscape. “We all start from the strong presence of nature is so powerful and so strong that it may go unnoticed. Every day there are spectacular sunsets, the colors are so intense that even light gray are. The presence of the nature
has influenced each of us is a great starting point from which arise all other aspects. ”

The reinvention of myth

Then, the other major recurring theme in art Amazon is the recreation of myth, allegory, that magical and religious vision of the world that characterizes oral people connected with the environment around them. “The Amazon is the latest magic corner of the planet, hence different energies converge, very powerful magmas, which are expressed in shamanism, religion, faith healing, witchcraft, this is manifested in pictures. The heritage that we have all the Amazon is the oral literature. Since children have heard stories that reinvented with the passage of time, “says Ceccarelli.
The Artists displaying their works at the exhibition;

Ronald Alvan , Alberto Ayarza, Christian Bendayan, César Calvo de Araujo, Lastenia Canayo, Cesar Calvo de Araujo , Enrique Casanto , Harry Chávez , Gino Ceccarelli , Maximino Cerezo , Victor Churay, Samuel Coriat , Nancy Dantas , David Hewson, Orlando Izquierdo, “The Ocelot” , Emilio Lopez , Eduardo Meza Saravia, Joseph Morey, Dimas Paredes , James David Paredes , Gerardo Petsaín , Harry Pinedo, Roldán Pinedo , Reninger Reategui, “Rucoba” , Diana Riesco), Hildebrand Rivers, Brus Rubio, Miguel Saavedra , Malena Santillana , Sixto Saurin, Fernando Sovero, Luighi Tang, Elena Valera, Celia Vasquez, Juan Manuel Vasquez , Armando Williams, Rember Yahuarcani, Santiago Yahuarcani