A special Summer Solstice Workshop

June 19th – 23rd 2020

The Summer solstice marks the day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky of the year. This, the longest day holds according to many spiritual traditions the most potent combination of energy, creativity, vibrancy and strength. Just as with the cycles of the Earth and Sun, there are corresponding cycles in our individual spiritual journey. There are times to move forward, times to consolidate, and times to go into our inner world and reflect. Thus, the Solstice offers us a quintessential way to reconnect, honour, and celebrate the inherent cycles within our unique spiritual path, and to enter into a deep soul connection with the natural world.

During this special workshop we enter into a communion in the true meaning of this word with this beautiful planet the Earth, which as a mother constantly provides and nurtures us with her abundance and benevolence. There will also be a fire ceremony, and a fire walk to honour the warmth and the light from the Sun that we and all living beings need in order to flourish. In this way, we can acknowledge and reciprocate to the creative force of life some of the energy and blessings that we are always receiving.
In many shamanic and spiritual traditions there comes a point on the path to true understanding when the seeker must die to their old Self so that something new, more powerful, life-affirming, enriching and beautiful can be born. This action of embracing the death of the old is a gesture of healing for ourselves but also for the world as a whole – because every time a single person changes and a single soul is infused with love, the world as a whole is changed.

During this 5-day course we explore ourselves and our need for healing – nothing is forced, no ‘sharing’ is required; it is simply an opening up to our true needs so we can attune ourselves to the journey. We then make a commitment to change, based on our discoveries, and give ourselves to the healing embrace of the Earth.


Embrace of the Earth Ceremony

Burial in the Earth is a sacred ceremony for letting go of the past and accepting the healing and blessings of our first mother – the Earth – which has been at the heart of shamanic tradition for thousands of years. It is a celebration of life, an acknowledgement of a new future, and an opening of our arms to a loving mother who wants only to embrace us.

The burial of the Soul Warrior is, in some ways, an extremely potent Vision Quest; a withdrawal from the mundane world to activate deep shifts in consciousness which will help you to focus on and resolve your problems and find greater clarity in your life, as well as allowing yourself the gift of healing and letting go of the past. Together and alone at one and the same time, we stand before the Infinite, held by our planet, knowing what it is to be human, reborn again.
To some the concept of being buried in the Earth for sure can be daunting, but those who have spent a ceremonial night in the earth acknowledge the profound, sublime and even ecstatic experience. The ceremony ends with a powerful ritual of blessing for your new beginning.


Fire Ceremony

We humans have a unique relationship with fire, in fact it is one of the attributes that sets humans apart from all other living creatures. It is our relationship with this element that has made civilisation possible. Even today there is something special even sacred about an open hearth in our homes that connects us to this primal force. When we consciously engage with fire, we metaphorically speaking activate the Sacred Fire within and by extension our passion for life. This is a true gift of Spirit, the Fire within allows us to nourish and sustain our lives with energy. Of course, we need to approach fire with respect and caution both at the physical level and the spiritual level. The closer you get to fire, the more you will melt, this applies at both levels, and is no metaphor. For those who desire to ignite the inner flames of passion, and allow exhilaration, adventure, and personal freedom to enrich their lives, working with Fire is a potent pathway to manifest this endeavour.

Fire is the element of transformation, a ceremony invoking the elemental power of fire is a conduit to release and transform the patterns and self-beliefs that no longer serve you. It is a ceremony of personal renewal and the empowerment of your dream.
There will be a Fire Ceremony on the final evening where participants can honour, release and transform their ‘dark arrows’ – the disempowering patterns and beliefs that hold us back, and recognise and bring power to their ‘light arrow’ an embodiment of their creative powers, their life dream to the spiritual forces that nurture us.



On the Friday evening before the Solstice, we offer a Firewalk. This is indeed an incomparable experience, and one of the most cogent ways to gain personal energy and power. This synergy with the Fire is an awakening to your inner Sacred Fire that can lead to releasing fear and limiting beliefs. Those who have done this speak of the pure exhilaration of the experience and how it has inspired them to make creative transformations in their life.


Working with Trees

Being in nature, we have the opportunity to offer practices and ways to commune with trees. There is much we humans can learn from the Plant Realm, and trees are an eminent teacher. You will discover how to enter into a reciprocal alliance that will enable you to recharge, cleanse, and ground your energy field.


The Shamans Dreambody

In this practice we work with the element of air, and the gentle power of swaying rhythm to release ourselves from the density of our physical body. Those that have done this practice speak of the joyful, blissful, and even ecstatic experience.


Please Note: There is a physical dimension to this weekend which requires a general level of fitness but it is within the capability of anyone of reasonable health to undertake this work.

The cost for this 5 day residential workshop is 495 Euros. Spaces are limited, a 100 Euro booking deposit is required to secure your place on this adventure.

Please book via Aurel Mocanu:  +40 722 539123, aurelmocanu@yahoo.com

Full details of how to get there, logistics, and what you need to bring with you etc will be supplied after receipt of your booking deposit.