Chasnamancho Umanki by Pablo Amaringo – Fine Art Archival Reproductions

Chasnamancho Umanki

This picture is about how a shaman heals people by transforming his head into the head of an animal. The secret of this practice is that the maestro learns to think like the animal and share its instincts. If he is a giant armadillo for example, as seen at the top, which has armoured scales to shield it from harm, a shaman can perform soplos with the power of this animal to enable a person to fall from a high tree without injury. To do this the shaman must chant its icaro and experience the animal’s hypnotism, concentration and instinct.


By Howard G Charing & Peter Cloudsley

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo


Illustrating the evolution of his intricate and colorful art, this book contains 48 full-color reproductions of Amaringo’s latest works with detailed explorations of the rich Amazonian mythology underlying each painting. Through their longstanding relationship with Amaringo, coauthors Charing and Cloudsley are able to share the personal stories behind his visions and experiences with Amazonian people and folklore, capturing Amaringo’s powerful ecological and spiritual message through his art and words.

With contributions by Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Robert Venosa, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Beyer, and Jan Kounen, this book brings the ayahuasca experience to life as we travel on Amaringo’s visionary brush and palette.

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