The Continuum of Life – Pre-Birth Existence

Garden of StonesIn the late 1980s I was drawn to the work of John-Richard Turner an American psychotherapist who had developed a method to explore your life from the moment of conception to your birth. During this period many of our inherent and prevalent emotional patterns that we experience in our life are formed. On a personal basis this opened the door to memories of my birth (to the utter astonishment of my mother when I asked her to verify the details), and also intriguingly the time before my birth. These revelations led to a powerful healing and reconciliation between us.

The fundamental principle of this work is that we inherit not only the biological coding of the chromosomes of our parents, but also their mental and emotional states during the nine months prior to our birth. These are often the emotions that we experience without any terms of reference for such as phobias and irrational fears. The knowledge gained from our pre-birth existence opens the way for a profound personal transformation as people discover and heal underlying emotional patterns that create dissatisfaction and unhappiness in their lives.

Until the amazing discovery of Epigenetics in 2002, the concept that we trans-generationally inherit emotional patterns never had a scientific basis (although there was a significant body of anecdotal evidence). The growing field of Epigenetics introduces the idea that the lives of our parents, grandparents, and previous generations can directly affect our emotions and well-being, despite never experiencing any of these things ourselves. The implication is clear that we do inherit emotional and mental consciousness in addition to our physical characteristics.

One of the firmest principles of biology is that at the moment of our conception, when we receive a set of chromosomes from our mother and father, our DNA genetic coding is immutable, and our genes remain intact and unaffected either by the way we live or influenced by environmental conditions. The Human Genome Project started in the early 1990s with the objective to map the entire human genetic code that would literally create the biological blueprint for humans. This blueprint would offer a complete understanding of our biology at the molecular level, with the promise that scientists could find the genetic cause and cure for every disease. This was the map that we could follow to a potential biological utopia.

This never happened as they realised that the number of the human genes was considerably less than the original assumption of about a hundred thousand genes, in fact the human genome is less complex and has fewer genes than plants. The current assumption is that there are less than thirty thousand genes. There was no way to explain the complexity of the human organism, and there was the realisation that there was clearly more to inheritance than the basic DNA sequence. Something other than DNA was mediating biological inheritance, an elusive meta-agent that can control the function of our genes.

“We realized that we were dealing with what is now known as genomic imprinting”. Said the eminent geneticist Professor Marcus Pembrey, “what genomic imprinting means is, in a nutshell, that genes have a memory of where they came from”.

I emphasised the word ‘memory’ as that in my view correlates to a field of consciousness that describes the trans-generational transmission of our ancestral emotional experiences. Another way to see this is that nothing is being transmitted per se, rather that this field of energy always has been and always will be present. This draws a parallel with the holistic concept that our consciousness or spirit existed before physical birth, and that life, as the sages and philosophers have said is a continuum, a universal field of sentient consciousness.

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